Blue Water’s Bi-Monthly Market Review September 17th, 2015: “The ‘Panda Bear’ Market” (Or: Why Markets Will Deliver A New Opportunity)

Join us in our monthly market forum September 17th, 2015. The meeting will be @ BWCA’s Office, 324 W Superior Street, 1405 Medical Arts Building, Duluth MN 55802, from 5:15-6:30 p.m.

Panda Picture

1. “Introduction”                                                                  Kevin M. Wilson

2. “The China Bear Is Only A Panda”                               Matthew T. Timpane

3. “Deflation’s Positive Impact on US Markets”             Matthew T. Timpane

4. “The Fed’s Expected Impact on US Markets”            Kevin M. Wilson

5. “US Market Signals A Baby Bear”                                Kevin M. Wilson

6. “It Pays to Buy When It Doesn’t Feel Good”              Kevin M. Wilson

7. “Q & A”                                                                              KMW/MTT

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