Blue Water’s Bi-Monthly Market Review November 17th, 2016: “The Pivot to Reflation” (What to Do When Inflation Returns)

Join us in our bi-monthly market forum November  17th, 2016. The meeting will be @ BWCA’s Office, 324 W Superior Street, 1405 Medical Arts Building, Duluth MN 55802, from 5:15-6:30 p.m.

1. “Introduction”                                                                                    Kevin M. Wilson

2. “Why talk about a pivot to reflation”                                            Kevin M. Wilson

3. “How ZIRP and NIRP will drive reflation”                                 Matthew T. Timpane

4. “The impact of helicopter money”                                                Matthew T. Timpane

5. “The impact of demographics on inflation”                                Kevin M. Wilson

6. “The best reflation trades for investors”                                      Kevin M. Wilson

7. “Q & A”                                                                                                KMW/MTT

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