Blue Water’s Bi-Monthly Market Review May 18th, 2017: “What’s Up With the Economy?” (or, What Kind of Growth Is Likely Now?)

Join us in our bi-monthly market forum May 18th, 2017. The meeting will be @ BWCA’s Office, 324 W Superior Street, 1405 Medical Arts Building, Duluth MN 55802, from 5:15-6:30 p.m.

1. “Introduction”                                                                                 Matthew T. Timpane

2. “Recent Economic History”                                                          Matthew T. Timpane

3. “Is Growth Affected by Debt Loads?”                                         Kevin M. Wilson

4. “How the Credit Cycle Impacts Growth”                                   Kevin M. Wilson

5. “The Fed and Economic Cycles”                                                  Matthew T. Timpane

6. “Will Fiscal Stimulus Work?”                                                       Kevin M. Wilson

7. “Q & A”                                                                                              KMW/MTT

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